Black Wave

Interactive Installation

BW from parisa on Vimeo.


Interactive Installation

The most amazing and inspiring motions and forms can always be found in nature. By combining different materials and placing them under different circumstances, we can achieve natural patterns and forms that are not only beautiful but also neat and organized. This work was inspired by the Ferrofluid and its reaction to magnet. The liquid used in this work is a mixture of micronized iron oxide particles, oil, and citric acid, which is similar to ferrofluid. It also reacts to magnet, and depending on its distance from the magnet and its strength, it makes different forms that follow the same rule. In “Black Wave” which is an interactive work, humans are also added to this reaction as a third party; they can control the reaction and feel themselves as a part of it.

Exhibition: TADAEX | Dec 2017 | Tehran, Iran