About Pareeca

Trying to give people joy and good feeling by my works

Parisa Ayati A.K.A Pareeca
Born in 1992.
Studied industrial design at Tehran University of Art.

The story of how I got into new media started 3 years ago. Back into 2014 when I started to learn motion graphics,  I was so fascinated by it and worked a lot to learn everything that was needed to be a good motion designer. In addition to all sofwares that I must have learned at that time, I studied the theories of animating, composition, color and, all the required stuffs. After few months I started to think that what if my motions are interactive to something like music. What if after I make them they can change and be responsive to some variables like light, sound, human motion, and etc. I started to learn java script so I could learn in After Effects and after a while, I came across with Processing. I started to learn coding in Processing. I was amused with the possibilities it provided me with. And realized how far I can go If I know coding. I started to learn the softwares, I searched and searched and practiced coding and started to work with hardware and electronic circuits. One year later I made my first installation, MFI, and launched it in the lobby of my university. And after that, I upgraded it and launched it in Tadaex06. My works now are attempts to make a connection between nature, human, mathematical and geometrical algorithms and technology. I’m exploring the meeting point between these elements. I’m so fascinated by the hidden process of the world around us. I believe that most amusing forms can be found in nature and with combining them with human imagination we can create amazement. I want to give people joy and good feeling when they see my works or interact with them. I love coding as a medium to make unpredictable visuals based on existing algorithms and also installations. These days I am mostly doing research about generative design and using Touch Designer to practice it. I am also looking forward to learning data visualization( which I believe to be a kind of generative design ) and has always been one of my musts to learn things.