This Piece is a geometric motion graphics which started with the passion of syncing visuals with music. 
At first, the challenge was finding music that has good beats and similar to my musical taste. I chose this music because for my mind, it was easy to get the beats visualized.
From the beginning I knew that I wanted to make my visuals based on geometric shapes. At that time ( 2014 ), I started doing some research on geometry especially sacred geometry
I was so fascinated by how geometry is implied in every piece of nature. I did great amount of research to understand geometry as profoundly as possible.
At the stage when I wanted to make my a storyboard based on the music, my challenge just started. I had so many beautiful geometric shapes that I wanted to use in my video, however, simultaneously I must have had scenario that fitted my music. So I started to listen to music over and over again and to make various storyboards.
I decided to draw my storyboard based on Platonic solids.
I came across with Platonic solids when I was studying geometry. They start with tetrahedron and end with icosahedron. Each of these 3-dimensional shapes completes the last one. I used this geometric theory as a basis of my storyboard.
After I finished my storyboard I started to make the motion.I used Cinema 4D, After Effects and some plugins like plexus to make this. I enjoyed the process very much and also loved the result despite some imperfections that it had.

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